My Health Library - Getting Started

Step 1: Exporting health records from the iPhone Health app

My Health Library uses the health records provided by Apple's iPhone Health app to automatically create the foundation of a secure personal health information library on your Mac. To access your health records on the iPhone you have activate this feature in the Health app. 


Once the health records feature is activated, open the Health App on your iPhone and tap the user image in the top right corner of the screen. This will display a screen similar to that displayed to the right. At the bottom of the screen tap the option to "Export All Health Data" then tap 'Export'.

Step 2: Transferring the exported health records to your Mac

Exporting your health records from the iPhone Health app may take some time. Be patient - this process can take several minutes, depending upon how many health records are being exported. When the health records are ready for export you will see the standard iPhone share options (shown to the right). You should see your Mac listed as a sharing option (make sure that your Mac and iPhone are on the same network and that they are physically close to each other). Tap on your Mac's icon. This will transfer the exported data to your Mac using AirDrop. 

Step 3: Preparing exported health records for use by the My Health Library App

The health records transferred to the Mac via AirDrop are saved in the Mac's Downloads folder as a compressed file named ''. Open the Downloads folder and double-click the '' file to expand it into a folder named 'apple_health_export'. Within this folder is a folder named 'clinical-records' which contains a series of .json files that contain clinical records in FHIR® format. It is the data contained in these files that the My Health Library app uses to build a personal health information library. We have found that, on occasion, the 'clinical-records' folder is missing from the 'apple_health_export' folder. Restarting the export process in the iPhone Health app usually resolves this issue.

Step 4: Using exported health records to create a My Health Library health information library

Launch the My Health Library app. If this is the first time that the app was run on your Mac you will be prompted to create a new health record library using the health records exported from the iPhone Health app. When selecting the health records to import choose the 'apple_health_export' folder in the Mac's Downloads folder. My Health Library will take care of finding the appropriate records to import.