Accurately recording health information is a critical step in patient care. As physicians and engineers, we challenged ourselves to reimagine the clinical documentation process. Our goal was to efficiently capture the health information generated during clinical encounters, while minimizing impact on the clinician-patient interaction. The result is a beautifully designed iPad® app that uses a modern touch-based interface to perform comprehensive clinical documentation at the point of care. We named the app Rakonto, an Esperanto word that means "story", because we believe that listening is still at the heart of all great medical care.

Rakonto Features

  • Efficiently capture clinical information
  • Create a standards-based problem list
  • Create, edit and reconcile medication lists
  • Record allergies & adverse medication events
  • Capture family and social histories
  • Update immunization records
  • Record vital signs, weight, height and BMI
  • Touch-based systems review & exam findings
  • Capture and annotate clinical images
  • Generate clinical documentation notes
  • Create secure clinical reminders
  • Perform ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding
  • "One Touch Access" to knowledge resources
  • Runs on Apple iPad®
  • Operates in portrait and landscape modes
  • 256 bit encryption of health information (PHI)