Rakonto - Reimagining Clinical Documentation

Accurately recording health information is a critical step in patient care. As physicians and engineers, we challenged ourselves to reimagine the clinical documentation process. Our goal was to efficiently capture the health information generated during clinical encounters, while minimizing impact on the clinician-patient interaction. The result is a beautifully designed iPad® app that uses a modern touch-based interface to perform comprehensive standards-based clinical documentation at the point of care. We named the app Rakonto, an Esperanto word that means "story", because we believe that listening is still at the heart of all great medical care.

Rakonto Features

  • Efficiently capture clinical information
  • Create a standards-based problem list
  • Create, edit and reconcile medication lists
  • Record allergies & adverse medication events
  • Capture family and social histories
  • Update immunization records
  • Record vital signs, weight, height and BMI
  • Touch-based systems review & exam
  • Capture and annotate clinical images
  • Generate clinical documentation notes
  • Create secure clinical reminders
  • Perform ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding
  • "One Touch Access" to knowledge resources
  • Runs on Apple iPad®
  • Operates in portrait and landscape modes
  • 256 bit encryption of health information (PHI)


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Rakonto an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system?
    • Rakonto is designed to capture and organize information relevant to clinical encounters independent of any particular EMR system. The information entered into Rakonto will be securely shared with EMR systems using the FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource) next generation standards framework created by HL7. Rakonto can also create narrative and structured encounter notes  for use as clinical documents within EMR systems.
  • Is Rakonto Secure?
    • All Protected Health Information (PHI) stored by Rakonto is secured using strong 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption that is built right into the app. This built-in encryption is in addition to the device-based encryption and security provided when the iPad device is passcode-protected. User access to the Rakonto app is controlled using a robust application-level passcode system with automated time-out. The app also supports the iPad's Touch ID advanced security technology.
  • Is Rakonto standards-based?
    • Rakonto uses many of the health information technology standards recommended or required by the U.S. Federal Government, including ICD10, SNOMED and RXNORM.
  • What components of clinical documentation does Rakonto Support?
    • Rakonto captures core patient demographic information, problem lists, social history, family history, medication lists, allergies, immunizations, systems review information, vital signs, physical exam findings, ICD10-coded diagnoses and clinical reminders.
  • What are Clinical Reminders?
    • Rakonto supports a built-in clinical to-do list manager that allows the user to create multiple tasks, to-dos and reminders per patient, specifying a future date and time when a task or reminder notification should be displayed. Even if the Rakonto App is not running, notifications are displayed on the iPad without exposing any patient-specific or protected health information.
  • Does Rakonto Support Clinical Decision Support?
    • Rakonto provides integrated "one touch access" to a number of public Internet-based knowledge sources, including PubMed, DailyMed, Medline Plus, CDC and clinical guidelines from AHRQ. In addition users can select additional online resources within the Rakonto App.
  • Who are Rakonto's users?
    • Rakonto provides a fast and efficient clinical documentation solution for healthcare providers, medical staff, scribes and students who need to quickly, securely and accurately capture, review and organize clinical information. In addition, because Rakonto supports secure capture, storage and forwarding of clinical encounters, the app can be used in situations where Internet-based access to the electronic medical record (EMR) is not possible, such as care delivery in the developing world, following natural disasters and remote EMS scenarios.

Rakonto App Screen Shots